Friday, March 18, 2016

Troubleshooting Netweaver Application Server issues

Roadmap of troubleshooting steps
OS level monitoring tool
Report to collect snapshots of monitoring details
How find and download developer trace files
Extracting the c-stack from a program's core dump file
Dispatcher and Taskhandler
Identify wrong parameters
When a resource is temporarily deactivated
Arithmetical calculation per HW resource
Comprehend developer trace information
Adjusting WP resources based on server load
Monitoring Work Processes
Application server administration
Control its trace level without downtime
Analyzing the log information
What to do when locks are not released
Quotas per user session
Checking the switchover functionality
Resource and consumption of client handles
Understanding the enqueue lock mechanism
Complying with the SAP gateway security recommendations
Disabling gateway security
reg_info / sec_info
How the parameter gw/reg_no_conn_info works
ABAP program to manage a gateway running on ASCS
Identifying RFC destination with trace enabled
ICM and Web Dispatcher
MPI settings for the ICM/Web Dispatcher
Enable HTTP headers to be logged in trace file
Modifying Web Dispatcher parameters with wdispmon
Managing PSE files through the Web Administration page
Concept of wdispmon and icmon tools
User administration
Steps of SWPM tool (former sapinst)
Checking if the requests are even distributed
SSO (Single Sign On) to access admin page
Understanding and how to configure examples
Configuration and functionality
Memory Management
Guide to analyze memory resources consumption
Memory Dumps as of Kernel Release 7.4x
Meaning of a classic memory dump
Concept of pools 10 and 40
Investigate high memory allocation
Parameters for extend global memory
Identifying the owner of a shared key
Startup Framework
Troubleshooting the phases of a system initialization
Application Server state reported by sapstartsrv
Mismatched kernel between instances
FAIL: sapstart not found
Difference between DEFAULT and SDEFAULT
Normal signal termination from outside SAP
Connection problems to message server
Detailing service/<parameter> options
Referenced/runtime symbol definition not found
Sapstartsrv version and command history
SAPgui, HTTP and RFC load balance
Update system configuration and concepts
Message Server configuration
Control the HTTP(s) access - ms/permission_table
Service configuration a Windows 32bit server
Network features
Error messages and resolution
Problem with new installation number
Why does the license installation fail?

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