Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Maintaining SLD connection

Maintain SLD connection in ABAP systems

Tx: RZ70
Maintain SLD bridge host and gateway.
Maintain SLD Connection/configuration

Validate the all the checks are successful.
Change the connection parameters pointing to correct SLD source.
To change switch to editing mode and choose Insert Row. Specify the connection parameters (host name, port, user, and password) and set this SLD server as Primary. Only the entry marked as Primary is active.
Save your entries.

JAVA WAS 7.1 or below

Configure the SLD Data Supplier Service in the Visual Administrator
Logon as j2ee_admin/administrator in Visual Admin.
Maintain the connection parameters for SLD connection and CIM client generation settings in SLD Data supplier service.

Test by triggering the SLD data load.

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