Friday, June 28, 2013

Oracle 11 g New features

SAP Basis admin do not need to directly intervene with Oracle or underlying Database, as they are always taken care by SAP during installation and also in SAP recommendations.

Even though its worth knowing cool stuff going under the hood. Many times if you work on a huge DB size you might feel the need to fine tune it.

Below is the list of new cool features for SAP Basis Administrators

Database Replay-  captures complete database workload so you can "replay" it at will.

Compression -  11g provides Advanced and Hybrid Columnar Compression which can help you compress your data by 25 % .

New Command for Checking Disks -  lsdsk  >>> command to see  all info for disks which oracle instance uses.

The Blog Oracle Database 11g:  The Top Features for DBAs and Developers by Arup Nanda explain all of them in details . 

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