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SMLT : New Language Installation in SAP

Language Installation in SAP (ABAP) using Transaction SMLT

This blog details the steps for installing new language in SAP ABAP. 

There are broadly 4 steps detailed here.

1. Code page settings

Go to transaction I18N > I18N Menu > I18N Customizing > I18N System Configuration.
Or call the report RSCPINST directly via transaction SE38.

Create New entry for the required Lang

Activate the Lang and follow the parameter recommendations as suggested below


After activation of new NLS setting make the profile parameter changes as suggested in the report
zcsa/installed_languages            DEI
zcsa/second_language                E

2. Language Import

The language import can (as of Release 4.6C) be carried out in any client.
Tx: SMLT >> Make new Lang Entry and save.

Maintain your Supplementation Language as well.
Your Supplementation Language should be same as your second lang set in below profile parameter
You will need to change the the below papemter if the Supplementation Language is not second lang in the system.

zcsa/second_language E

For the new language click import Box   next to the new Lang entry created

Upload the lang package on the server in  /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in and click Find packages

Select the new language package you have uploaded and Execute / Schedule the language import.

3. Import language part of Support Packages

Problems can occur if you want to import another language from the language CD into a
system into which Support Packages have already been imported. The language CD is
created before the first Support Packages, and the objects in the Support Packages are only
translated into the languages already imported into the system.
The language parts from the Support Packages are imported.
Proceed as follows:

1. Call transaction SMLT.

2. Choose Language  Special Actions  Import Support Packages.


System will list the SAP Support packs that are to needed to be made available in RED.

Upload the Support packs package on the server in  /usr/sap/trans and click search Path
The new added support packs will be identified and turn Green

Select the Support packs you want to install for their language part.
This can be done for all support pack at once or can also be done in parts.

To check  the support pack import
Call transaction SMLT>> Choose Language  Special Actions  Import Support Packages.
After successful import of all support packs for their language part all the SP will become green which were seen RED before

4. Language  supplementation

Important Points to Consider
  • You must perform a language supplementation after each import of a Support Package or Upgrade
  • You must supplement all languages that exist in the system, except English and German.
  • The supplementation should be carried out in client 000

There are 3 Ways to carry out Language supplementation
1. Use Report RSREFILL - for updating a translation language for the Customizing settings of an existing customer client (Note 48047)
2. Client maintenance  - Transaction SMLT - Language → Special Actions → Client Maintenance
3. Manual Translation - Translate the remaining Customizing texts in transaction SE63

Each Method has its own use for details please refer Refer Note: 1156507, 596982, 315375.

Client maintenance Method
For standard installation you use Client maintenance method via SMLT
Go to the language that you want to supplement and choose or Language  Supplement Language.

On the next screen, enter a details of your supplementation.
And then execute the supplementation in background. 

Check the status of execution for supplementation background job

After you have done all 4 steps you new language has been installed.

Log-on to the client with New installed language.  

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